Headlines and Updates for March 14, 2020: Varying Stages of Bedlam [videos] ~ March 14, 2020

Rose Rambles...

Many alt news analysts are now on board with the corona cover story and believe there is a White Hat operation ongoing. We have full faith the White Hats will out-play, out-wit and out-last the enemy.

There is no need for the media to hype up the fear as they have but it is what it is. Hopefully, the People world wide will adopt a spirit of cooperation and help this situation go as smoothly as possible. The virus is something we have to take seriously but let’s be sensible. Calm, and sensible.

Just now when I opened YouTube a window popped up with further information about COVID-19, which I had to manually close so I could continue. Unbelievable. This nonsense is the story of the decade.

The President and his team held another press conference today and we may see the travel restrictions extended to the UK and Ireland…

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