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Before composing this post I took a shower, needing to wash off all the negativity residue.

I began to ponder what I actually believe about the planet today :

” I tend to be paranoid as a Scorpio but used to be skeptical of conspiracy theories and the theorists themselves. Yet, look at the world especially since 9/11. Hey, what about before I was born like the Holocaust and all the World Wars and so on. We really have not evolved much, or is it all simulated?”

Then my thoughts drifted here :

” Matt Kahn spoke so brilliantly about why some people don’t hear their guides. I remember a workshop I took where I set aside shower time as a safe space for Spirit to be with me so be quiet and listen. ”

Then this line from a song kept repeating in my head. I could hear part…

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X22 Report, March 13, 2020

Economic Positioning Almost Complete, The Countdown Begins – Episode 2121a

What we have been witnessing is the greatest transfer of wealth of the [Elite], Think Soros and others, watch the market, tick tock. The [CB] is now completely exposed. Trump and the patriots are now moving very quickly on transitioning the economy, the new economic system is almost complete. Right on schedule Trump points the finger at the Fed, lower rates and more stimulus.

Countermeasures In Place, Think Emergency Alert System – Episode 2121b

The [DS]/D’s have used their ammunition now the patriots are preparing to make their move. The patriots have been signaling and putting out messages that the stage needed to be set WW. The patriots have countermeasures in place, Think Emergency Alert System.


Coming Home

Life constitutes countless cycles of expansion and contraction. Change is the ever present thrum of the Cosmos. And one of the core seeds of our blooming as Divine souls in a human body is to re-cognise our nature as That which never changes – the Infinite, boundless before-the-before. That for which there is no word, so we craft humble attempts – Source, God, the Great Mystery – to point to That which is everything and nothing.

This is the unchanging, the place of balance and resting in our Beingness. As the butterfly flies from flower to blooming flower, its resting on a petal is the essence of this equilibrium. In the midst of fertilising, spreading new life, there is a place of balance.

And so with Equinox. When light and dark are equal, we poise mid way between seasons on the brink of spring ripening into summer, or fall surrendering…

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People and the Coronavirus

Yep… it’s pretty crazy, although not too bad when I hit the market last Wednesday. Still — the TP was practically wiped (LOL) out. People have been told to stockpile for about 20 years and now they’re doing it all at once and straining the system. A lot of MSM hysteria ON PURPOSE to bring down the economy. Keep calm. And use common sense if you have any!

Humoring the Goddess

Wednesday or Thursday evening has become my grocery shopping night. I’m either on my way back from cleaning the Chicago house or spending some time with the grandkids, so why not stop on my way home and save a trip tomorrow?

So hubby and I stopped in a big superstore in Waukesha, a fairly big and bubbling city in Wisconsin.

The above picture was the scene for the check out line. It ended at the far wall of the superstore, in the last frozen food aisle. See where the arrow is pointing? That is the beginning of the check out turnstyles.

People kept falling in line behind the last one in line. And on and on. We wandered to the front of the store where there were way shorter lines and got out in a jiffy.

But everyone was buying water and disinfectant. And toilet paper.

Toilet paper.

Standing in…

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Not For Greens

Professor Ian Plimer book launch – Not For Greens

The Institute of Public Affairs launch of Ian Plimer’s new book from Connor Court Publishing, ‘Not For Greens’, in Melbourne on Tuesday 22 July 2014.

The Earth is a living Being. Change happens. Climate change politics is about controlling the masses and attacking industry in Western countries.

Without CO2 in the atmosphere, we would not have life. It is the food for life.

Don’t Get Swept Up in the Fear!…

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary

Many of you who land upon my pages regularly know I am always speaking of how our thoughts create our reality. There is no better time than the present to show you how our thoughts right now are being manipulated into a fear far greater than they need be…

They say the Pen is mightier than the sword,

In truth, it’s your thoughts that rule like a Lord

For it is they that can free you or hold you trapped

The Power’s in your heart, and its love needs to be tapped.


Hold tight to love, don’t get swept up in the fear and hate

The Stories we weave, is the reality we create

Nightmares are real, when you’re deep in ‘their’ Dream

This world of creation is not what it seems.


 So, imagine another world, no more illness, where all are well,

As each pursue their dreams…

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Truth is. Love is.

Living Light

calla lily

Truth is. Love is.

Truth’s expression = divine love.

Divine love = the perfect and divine orchestration of the present moment for the highest good of all. 

Truth is ever-present, yet always beyond form. It’s expressed into reality through our conscious awareness of it. Its expressed state is divine love, which is the perfect unfoldment of the present moment for the highest good of all.

We are not simple recipients of divine love. We are an integral part of its expression, as we are a creator within the Creator.

Divine love is the living Thought of God that creates the highest good for all of Creation. It’s birthed into reality through our desire to create this perfect Will. This living Thought flows from God’s mind and through our desires to give form to the present moment. In our oneness with the Supra-conscious Mind of God, the highest good for…

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