To Boldly Go

Those persons who resonate at a higher frequencies are not necessarily visible to our 3D eyes…

Mitch Teemley


Is there a connection between aliens and the coronavirus? No, this isn’t some cheesy tabloid revelation about the coronavirus being planted by aliens. So lower that eyebrow, please, and allow me to unpack that opening question:

Why do we see no evidence, apart from a few intriguing eyewitness accounts, that advanced beings capable of moving at the speed of light, much less even faster, exist? (Something physicists have concluded matter simply cannot do.)

Could it be that the universe is teeming with living beings we can’t see–because they’re not material creatures like us? I’ve been intrigued by this possibility ever since I read C.S. Lewis’s STARSHIP-U.S.S-ENTERPRISE-e1365439620720brilliant science fiction novel Out of the Silent Planet. In it, a skeptical scientist named Ransom, looks out through a spaceship portal and sees what the Old Testament prophets called “the host of heaven.” Not glamorous humans with harps, but creatures made of light.

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