It’s not our problem|این مشکل ما نیست

A Voice from Iran

Once upon a time, an old couple lived on a farm.

They had a few hens, chicks and rooster, a cow, and one sheep.


The little mouse habited in a hole in the corner of the barn.


The old lady didn’t like the mouse sharing chicken’s food; therefore, they put a trap to catch the mouse.


When the mouse saw the trap came to the farm animals and asked for help.

They all said: “This is your problem and has nothing to do with us. This trap will not harm us so that we won’t interfere.”


The little mouse was disappointed and just tried to come out of his hole with more caution.”

The old lady checked the trap every day. One of the days, she saw a snake’s tail caught by the trap. She went close to hook the snake when it bit the old lady.


The old lady…

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