HIGH CRIMES: ‘Enemy Of The State’, The Catherine Austin Fitts Story – By Uri Dowbenko


Source – scoop.co.nz

“…In 1989, she was asked to become the Federal Housing Administrator under HUD Secretary Jack Kemp. Fitts moved to Washington to undertake the monumental task of reforming the scandal-ridden, fraud-plagued agency….By promoting open disclosure in the HUD financial transactions, Fitts undoubtedly, and unknowingly, must have stepped on a lot of toes. The Crony Capitalists (or Old Boys’ Network — or the Octopus) must have seen Hamilton’s program of financial transparency as a major threat to their system of bid rigging and insider trading”

Enemy Of The State – The Catherine Fitts Story – By Uri Dowbenko

Editors Note: This is part one of an account of the extraordinary story of Maverick US Banker Catherine Austin Fitts, and new occasional contributor to Scoop. See also… Enemy Of The State – The Catherine Fitts Story (2) for an update on what happened next…

BUSHWHACKED: HUD Fraud, Spooks and…

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