X22 Report, March 12, 2020

The [CB]s Were Just Setup, Gold Positioned, Timing Is Everything – Episode 2120a

The market crashed, this is the biggest drop since 1987. What we are witnessing is the plan to transition the US from a [CB] driven system to a people driven system. We knew there were going to be pumps along the way. With this event, this allows Trump to do things that normally couldn’t get done all under the cover of a crisis. The patriots have now setup the [CB], everything is about to change, restructuring is coming.

The undoing of the CB system is happening in front of our eyes…

Green Castle Online, The Stage Must Be Set WW, Times Up, Patriots Ready – Episode 2120b

The [DS]/D’s have pushed their event to the extreme, the patriots knew the playbook, they are using this to their advantage. The storm is upon, but this is no ordinary storm, the stage had to be set, the noise had to be quieted, the peoples attention had to be on Trump. The time has come, the operation is now a go, green castle online, patriots ready.



Regie's Blog

I really hate being right all the time. Imagine how annoying it is for my wife.

I wrote, a couple of weeks ago, that once the first patient with Coronavirus died in the U.S, the marches and protests would start. Well, they have started – not out in public, with signs and slogans, but online and in the media.

The blame has begun.

The government didn’t provide enough virus tests, quickly enough (I actually agree with that). They didn’t restrict travel quickly enough. They haven’t given us enough information, quickly enough. The president called it all a hoax (which he actually didn’t do, if you understand the context of his statement. But he DID use the word hoax in a sentence and that’s probably not a good idea when talking about illness, publicly  – oh, and you’re the president).

Then some are freaked out by the president wearing a…

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To Boldly Go

Those persons who resonate at a higher frequencies are not necessarily visible to our 3D eyes…

Mitch Teemley


Is there a connection between aliens and the coronavirus? No, this isn’t some cheesy tabloid revelation about the coronavirus being planted by aliens. So lower that eyebrow, please, and allow me to unpack that opening question:

Why do we see no evidence, apart from a few intriguing eyewitness accounts, that advanced beings capable of moving at the speed of light, much less even faster, exist? (Something physicists have concluded matter simply cannot do.)

Could it be that the universe is teeming with living beings we can’t see–because they’re not material creatures like us? I’ve been intrigued by this possibility ever since I read C.S. Lewis’s STARSHIP-U.S.S-ENTERPRISE-e1365439620720brilliant science fiction novel Out of the Silent Planet. In it, a skeptical scientist named Ransom, looks out through a spaceship portal and sees what the Old Testament prophets called “the host of heaven.” Not glamorous humans with harps, but creatures made of light.

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Rising Frequencies Blog By Lisa Rising Berry

I decided to change the topic I was going to write about today.  I was going to write about how Azoth is connected to the Red and Blue Kachina energies.  But, I changed my mind after I had a vision of the virus. I feel like the virus came to me in a weird way.  I know this sounds absolutely crazy, but that is what happened.  

Before I go into my article, I would like to give my sympathies and compassion to all that have been affected by this virus.  This is not an easy situation to deal with, and my heart goes out to everyone that has had their lives disrupted.  

There is a side to this virus that everyone is completely forgetting about, and that is the spiritual side…the energetic side.  Yes, this is a physical virus that we need to fight with physical means, but there is…

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