The Riverbanks of Your Life | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Did you ever think you would be exactly where you are now? Did you dream of how connected you would be with the world? Did you ever really think that you would age and go through all the milestones that you have. Once you were fifteen, then twenty, then thirty, etc. And, still, all the while, you are you. You are you through the thick and thin of life. You are you. Does this not perhaps tell you that you are something more than your body and the individuality that moves along with your body – and beyond?

There is a constant that runs through your life, and it is you, this you that you hardly dare believe in, the Eternal you, the Truth of you, the Soul of you that runs through your life like a river. This river never dries up. It runs through your life…

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