X22 REPORT, March 9, 2020

Patriots Knew The Economic Playbook, Economic Restructuring In Progress – Episode 2117a

The market plummeted today, 2.5 trillion wiped out. How do you deflate a bubble and then re-inflate a bubble? The MSM and others are pushing for a recession. Trump and the patriots are ready to turn everything around. What we are witnessing is a restructuring, this might seem painful but it is less painful that what the [CB] had planned.

The Days Of Silence Are Now Over, [DS] Fell Into The Trap, It’s Time – Episode 2117b

The [DS] is now overdrive with their agenda. The patriots already knew the playbook, the expected this and now it is time to strike back, it’s time. All the pieces are being moved into place. Remember the art of war saying: “Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.” Q is has come out of 12 days of darkness, the silence is over.  The heat is coming, the storm has arrived.

but hey, who am I to tell you anything? (audio poetry 3:20)

be whole now

cherry-on-a-moonlit-night-1932Cherry on a Moonlit Night, 1932, by Ohara Koson

Rhyming poetry seems to show up after 
 a wild and unsettled period. Wrote this in 2013.

You can walk up to a doorway, peer over the edge
and marvel at all that you see ~
You can juggle diamonds, hypnotized by their brilliance
and spout mere words: What will be, will be
You can steep yourself in everyone else’s story
and wonder, Great, but why not me?

But watching and reading and waiting and wondering
On their own will not set you free.

Meeting your shadows and greeting your demons
are steps in the right direction,
But you won’t truly change if you always run away
from the sight of your own reflection ~
Wringing your hands will never suffice
if you hold back from sounding your chimes

What will it take until you truly believe
That here and now, these…

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Coronavirus: Tim Cook offers smart working to Apple employees

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Tim Cook today offered employees in most offices around the world the opportunity to work from home and announced new policies in light of the coronavirus epidemic currently spreading in Italy, the US and other countries.

Specifically, Apple has explicitly told employees of many offices in different countries around the world to “feel free to work remotely, if your job allows it.” The timescales declared by Tim Cook are from today, March 9, until March 13, according to an internal note obtained by Bloomberg and later confirmed by a company spokesman. The corporate policy of last Friday, which started from California and Seattle, is therefore extended, and now it arrives in almost all company offices, including in Italy.

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