Patriot Intel Report, Feb. 14, 2020

Patriot Intel Report, February 14, 2020


Corona Virus: Statistics have grown. Not everyone is tested or counted (confirmed cases). Over 10,000 patients need ICU care. Over 8,000 recovered. 16% infectious rate. Only two people outside of China have died. It is not known whether this will be the “next” global pandemic… Four hundred MILLION people are under quarantine, martial law. Shanghai just went into lockdown.

Economic: No major changes of 10% up/down globally. There will be ramifications due to the viral breakout in China. The military in U.S. is acting under pandemic status. U.S./China Trade Deal goes into effect tomorrow, 2/15/20. Be aware.

Geopolitical Energetics: Europe, Macron (France) ally has dropped out of race for Parisian mayor. Air strikes in Syria (Israel). Democrats are still yelling “Impeach him!” They will not prevail. AG Barr is about to drop hammer on DS/Democrats. Durham report coming in March.

Astrological: Mercury going retrograde on Sunday the 16th. Mars into Capricorn, too. Mercury is planet of news/information, energy intensifies. Building up strong energies. Sun, Mars, Pluto, Mercury, Moon, etc. in South Node. After 17th, things will come out… Durham Report comes out in March.

Earth Changes: Floods/landslides in Bolivia. Lots of ongoing temperature variations, storms across the planet.

Tip of Day: Guys — if it’s not broke, don’t fix it!

Word of the Day: You are going to start reaping and receiving blessings for things you have done in the past.