OVERSTEPPING CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY: Senate Passes ‘War Powers’ Measure Endangering American Troops & Homeland Because Trump Killed Soleimani Who Killed Thousands Of U.S Troops & Civilians

This bill is unconstitutional and would be struck down in a court of Law.

Evans News Report

By: Brian Evans

On Wednesday, the United States Senate passed a ‘War Powers Measure’, that is designed to limit President Donald Trump’s ability to use military action against Iran without permission from Congress.

It passed the Senate with a 51-45 vote, with eight Republicans voting with the Democrats. Of the eight Republicans who voted to bypass Congressional authority, it included Utah Sen. Mike Lee, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, Maine Sen. Susan Collins, Tennessee Sen. Lamar Alexander, Louisiana Sen. Bill Cassidy, Kansas Sen. Jerry Moran, Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski, and Indiana Sen. Todd Young.

Although the Senators know that upon passage, President Trump will veto the measure, but regardless, Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) said that its passage sends a ‘strong message to the American people’! Interestingly, Senator Kaine is correct, but the message truly being sent is much different than the message he is implying! In fact, it tells the American…

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