Changing the Stories We Live By #5: some romantic solarpunk for Valentine

Stories from the Wood Wide Web

We are still in Brigid’s realm. More solar energy is coming and it is time for romance to blossom. This blog promotes a short story I wrote for Uneven Earth, one year ago, inspired by conversation with East-Asian alternative geographers and my visit to the eastern medicine quarter in Daegu, South-Korea. They liked ”how it blends intellectual ideas (mostly from feminism) with elements of solarpunk”. This week the editors published it:

Screen Shot 2020-02-10 at 18.12.28

Which stories do I collect, carry, share and guide?

Usually I live in Japan for my research, but occasionally I am in Flanders. I am a blogger for Mo* magazine, writer, academic, promoter of forest baths and co-founder of Bold Branders. Bold Branders is a cooperative of young Belgian minds that wants to promote the circular economy, not only by transforming materials, but also people. My first novel ‘Als Meubels Konden Spreken‘, published by…

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