A True Story | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Be open-hearted. Wave your heart around the universe so that the universe may absorb love. Love flows through your heart, in and out. Your heart is awash in love, love awash in itself. Like white on white, love is embedded in love, many-layered love, tilted at many angles, indistinguishable love, infinite love, tremendous love knowing nothing but its blazing self.

With love it is as if a shaft of light from Heaven enters the crown of your head and penetrates through your physicality entirely. The light of love radiates your entire Being. It opens every cell, every atom, and you are clearly pure Being shining. You are a pure Being of Love. Do not allow yourself to believe otherwise. Charcoal cannot adhere to love. It washes off. Charcoal cannot affect love.

You are solely love. Whatever you may have stuck on top of love must dribble away. In…

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