The new king|پادشاه جدید

A Voice from Iran

King of Greenland became very ill and every doctor of the kingdom came to visit him one by one and they all had one answer: “The illness is serious and the king is dying.”


The king had no children and had to find a new king for his kingdom. He didn’t want to hand the kingdom easily to men around him and had to find a better way.


The king announced: “I am dying, and whoever sleeps one night in my grave will be the next king of Greenland.”

No one dared to sleep in the king’s grave even though the prize was valuable, accept the poorest man of the kingdom.


The poorest man was ready to sleep in King’s grave and change his life the next day of becoming the new king.

They put the poorest man into the grave and covered it with a flat stone and left…

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