Patriot Intel Report, 2/13/20

Patriot Intel Report, February 13, 2020


Economic: Changes are coming. Cryptos… market you can make a lot of $$, but you can quickly lose $$, too. It’s electronic and it can be hacked. Educate yourself and secure anything you buy.

Geopolitical Energetics: Wm Barr is building up cases in the U.S. UK, BoJo wields the axe in N. Ireland sacking several high-profile ministers. BoJo is cleaning house like Trump is in the U.S. Deep State keeps pushing back. Trump is withdrawing troops from Iraq, while NATO is doubling down. Iraq doesn’t want NATO, violation of International law. Cabal and global Deep State is fighting back… Russia declassifies hidden papers from WWII and after. Victories of Russia against Nazi Germany. The globalist elites are trying to remove Russia from history, claiming they’re Nazis.

Astrological Energetics: Mercury Retrograde, 2/16; Mars in Capricorn. Moon phase, nodes of Fate, Destiny, Karma, will continue to Sunday. You may be dealing with things internally processing… feelings, emotions… how you deal with it will set your destiny for a long time. Requires faith to deal with karmic issues. Release fear. Big decisions behind the scenes… No outer news right now, internal fears. After Sunday, things will amp up! Having faith is believing in miracles. Be aware of demonic lies. Sword of FAITH can slay the Dragon of Fear. Welcome to Life School. Battle the fear, doubt, depression.

Earth changes: Earthquakes off of Russia, 6.9. Aussies… from fires to floods. S. Africa having rains, too. One extreme to another. Snows in Turkey, Iran. Peru had lahars (mudflows).

Tip of the Day: People have apps on cellphones, won’t necessarily have all there… Reader’s Digest version. Changing scriptures. Have paper back-up of holy books to cross-reference.

Word of the Day: Watch for new surprises coming from God. Good news will warm your heart.