X22 REPORT, Feb. 12, 2020

Another Economic Disaster Avoided, New Transitional Economy On Track – Episode 2095a

The event to bring down the global economic system has worked. This is another failed attempt by the [CB]. The patriots are in control of the economy. Trump and the patriots are now moving forward with the transitional economy, pivot to the Europe, more trade deals, the push to remove the [CB]. 

Political, Geopolitical News:

It’s Time To Wake Up, Lines Are Being Drawn Between Patriots & Traitors – Episode 2095b

The [DS]/D’s have had their turn, it is now the patriots turn, we are in the 15th round and the patriots punch is much more force than anything the [DS]/D’s have ever seen. We are watching the total destruction of the [DS], the patriots have just begun. the line has been drawn between the patriots and the traitors. Watch the patriots next move, nobody is going to walk away form this once.

Jussie Smollet has been indicted; federal charges are coming up…