X22 REPORT, Feb. 12, 2020

Another Economic Disaster Avoided, New Transitional Economy On Track – Episode 2095a

The event to bring down the global economic system has worked. This is another failed attempt by the [CB]. The patriots are in control of the economy. Trump and the patriots are now moving forward with the transitional economy, pivot to the Europe, more trade deals, the push to remove the [CB]. 

Political, Geopolitical News:

It’s Time To Wake Up, Lines Are Being Drawn Between Patriots & Traitors – Episode 2095b

The [DS]/D’s have had their turn, it is now the patriots turn, we are in the 15th round and the patriots punch is much more force than anything the [DS]/D’s have ever seen. We are watching the total destruction of the [DS], the patriots have just begun. the line has been drawn between the patriots and the traitors. Watch the patriots next move, nobody is going to walk away form this once.

Jussie Smollet has been indicted; federal charges are coming up…

Great Divine Director: Welcome to a Brand New Day


The Great Divine Director is a Sirian Lord of Light, Lord Chananda Gia, Son of Lord Krishna, brother to Sanat Kumara, Logos of Venus. He serves on the Blue Ray of Power, Strength, Masculine Love. Lord Chananda was the mentor of Saint Germain and El Morya Khan.

Blue Dragon Journal


The Great Divine Director

via Eliza Ayres

Dear ones, we join you, again, on a brand new day for humanity and for your little planet, Earth. Do you feel any different? Does anything that you see look different? Probably not, unless you are open to the awareness that something has changed. That something is someone – you!

You have changed although your physical senses have not quite communicated that knowledge to your mind in a comprehensive fashion as yet. It will, when it figures out that the old ways of perceiving the world around you no longer are valid. It must and will adjust and begin to see the new world which you have now entered with new eyes, eyes that are enhanced with inner vision and wisdom of your soul and monad. You are now entering or re-entering the world from which you emerged as spirit, as an ephemeral…

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Chaos: An Alchemical and Psychoanalytical Perspective

Beneath The Layers

In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order

Carl Jung

Recently I have been diving into a lot of “occult” material, revisiting teachings I grew up with as well as looking to expand my knowledge of Alchemy and its relations to the mind or what modern psychology calls Psychoanalysis.  I seek to understand more why people fear diving beneath the surface of the subconscious–why are there too many people who still erroneously think that chaos= bad, as such they will do anything to avoid looking in.

What I write next is a summary of my own learnings as well as a summary of many other wonderful teachers on the subject of alchemy and psychoanalysis.

When asking anyone about chaos most people seem to equate it to something catastrophic, which is right away categorized as bad.  Giving the current circumstances we find our world in, I…

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Cosmic Law on Child Activism and School Strikes

Allan Ivarsson Author... of Amazon.com Books


Cosmic Law on Child Activism and School Strikes

This article is a series of quotes from other posts by Allan Ivarsson, about the subject of ‘Child Activism’ some still available on his website, others now only available in one of his books.

‘Cosmic Law’ rules the Universe… other treatises written by A.I. explain what ‘Cosmic Law’ is about.

I have a very serious problem with encouraging under 18 years of age children to be involved in ‘Political Child Activism’. I don’t care how nice an adult person seems, there is no rightful place for ‘Child Activism’ in a decent caring honourable society. (i)

There is a difference between a youth of 18 years and older compared to child youth of under 18 years of age. But of course that is an obvious, which is why realty-based ethics must exist as guidelines and must be strengthened even more to protect…

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(OpDis) Bill Gates, Connecting the Dots 2/12/2020




(OpDis) Bill Gates, Connecting the Dots

Bill Gates, Connecting the Dots

February 11, 2020

Operation Disclosure | By Agatha Christie, Guest Writer

And now we come to… THE VACCINE … against the virus…



In 1948 Heinrich Mueller, the former head of the Gestapo, told his CIA Interrogator that the most devastating plague in human history — the Spanish Flu — was man-made.

“I am not a doctor, he said but the ‘double-blow’ (referred to a virus), is actually a pair of viruses that worked like a prize fighter. The first blow attacked the immune system and made the victim susceptible…

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The Money Market Riggers: We are Living like Medieval Serfs 2/12/2020


The Money Market Riggers: We are Living like Medieval Serfs

The Money Market Riggers

Experimenting with quantitative easing and negative interest rates

We are living like medieval serfs

Central Banks are not tied to checks and balance audits

The QFS has accounts for each and every human being on this planet

Real money is linked with gold

The great awakening is upon us

Source: Final Wakeup Call

Earning money, when actually getting poorer

Stocks finish at all-time highs. But think again. In terms of real money – in gold-linked, pre-1971 dollars — stocks have been losing ground since the start of this millennium.

We are witnessing the most remarkable episode in financial history. Investors think they are making money, while they…

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We owe it to ourselves…to grieve and cleanse our soul


When we lose a loved one to death or end a long-term relationship, it is perfectly normal to grieve. We must honor and recognize each stage of the grief and every emotion we have. When we do not grieve, we get stuck. We owe it to ourselves and the memory of the relationship to grieve and cleanse our soul.

– Iyanla Vanzant

Text and image source: Iyanla Vanzant htpps://www.facebook.com/DrIyanlaVanzant/

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EXPOSING PETE BUTTIGIEG: 2,411 Babies Laid To Rest Today From South Bend, Indiana Abortionist’s Garage…An Abortionist Backed By Buttigieg, Who Now Declares Support For ‘Partial-Birth Abortion’

Evans News Report

By: Brian Evans

In September of 2019, the Police were called to the home of the late Indiana abortionist Ulrich “George” Klopfer, where they walked into something so horrific, that it was unbearable for some! The local Sheriff’s office reported that in that home, they found the gruesome fetal remains of more than 2,000 babies, all medically preserved and stored in the home!

Archyde reported…

The attorneys general of Illinois and Indiana are investigating how the human remains were derived from Klopfer’s Indiana abortion clinic network in his rural Illinois home and which laws may have been violated.

Klopfer is not the only abortionist who likes to keep trophies of his creepy job at hand. The most notorious American killer, Kermit Gosnell, also held parts of the fetal body in “milk jugs and glass jars” in his Philadelphia clinic before being sentenced in 2013 for three murders for having broken…

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