TruReporting: Giant Error in Bio-Containment Labs!? Think Again.

Giant Error in Bio-Containment Labs!? Think Again. Trump Cleans House! 8kun Attacks! – February 10, 2020


Notes: Trump “right-sizing” NSC; 70 employees cut so far out of 200.

Wuhan coronavirus is a bioweapon. These weapons are being developed in the U.S. Silent war? Accident or sabotage? U.K. also involved. Major disinformation campaign. Four million people are quarantined. Virus is related to SARs, HIV, Gt1P, etc. Not a random virus geno. Intentional. Contagious and deadly.

8kun attacks.

Bioweapon labs built after 9/11! Why are they making these viruses? Eugenics! Depopulation.

What is going on at Cobbett Hill Earth Station, U.K.?

AIM Truth Bits

Lord Pirbright’s, Henry de Worms’s son of Baron Solomon de Worms, the “Court Jew” of the Austro-Hungarian Empire) land is the home of one of the oldest corporate biological weaponization facilities in England-the Pirbright Institute.

This land is contiguous with a military installation and a nefarious corporate satellite company that has K, Ku, and N Band access and advertises that it can essentially do anything you want done in broadcasting and satellites-“doublespeak” for space experiments.

The Pirbright Institute is the home of numerous animal-human coronavirus patents. Military, biological, and satellite broadcasting “experiments” continue the tradition of Henry de Worms and their banking family’s corporate interests in controlling all aspects of British Imperial empire building. Solomon de Worms had huge plantations in Ceylon where their corporate evil experiments where similar to the Rothschild’s fleecing of Africa with Cecil Rhodes. Resource fleecing and pharmaceutical experimentation on “natives” was simply “good business” to…

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Invisible Wisdom

Koyopa Rising

Nonhuman intelligence has been doing its best to “shake humanity awake,” meeting us in an intersection of consciousness that Indigenous peoples foretold thousands of years ago. In a variety of ways, we are being informed that we don’t have to live within the given, smaller-spectrum reality anymore. I would know. And it’s my life’s work and passion to help you know.

HortonThere are many of us. We have had different lives, different direct experiences, and different platforms and audiences in which to share. When we feel alone with it, it’s not unlike the storyline in “Horton Hears a Who.” Isolated and apart, with a sense of living in another dimension yet alongside you, our voices have been muted and silenced by judgment. But together? This universal project might be loud enough for the collective consciousness to hear.

There is an entirely different way in which to understand reality and an…

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Cat Report

American Intelligence Media

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‘Shrink’ government: Trump’s budget reduces spending by $4.4 trillion, makes 2017 tax cuts permanent


Best to savor the next two pieces one after the other. First we have Sissy Lindsey Graham, squirming in the hot seat on deFace the Nation. We watched him since the boss tweeted this lovely one:

DeFace the Nation will tell @LindseyGrahamSC that he must start up Judiciary and not stop until the job is done. Clean up D.C. now, last chance!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 9, 2020

Then Sissie said, “The documents that Rudy is bringing back from the Ukraine are Russian disinformation and should be turned over to the U. S. intelligence community for verification….then he added the Russians hacked the DNC server.”

Conclave responds to Sissy’s attempt to walk back…

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Cry of Wolves!


Cry Of Wolves

Rulers of the night, the wilderness is your home,
Man in his ignorance won’t leave you alone,
Strong together you hunt for survival,
Man and his gun your only rival.

Mistress of the moon, shadows dancing on Northern skies,
I hear your torment and mournful cries,
Running, hunting, surviving, dying,
From frozen mountain tops I hear your crying.

Great warriors of the night,
I wish you strength and stamina,
Courage in your plight.
You are the heart of the wilderness,
Cool air and mountain snow,
You are part of this land but man is your foe.

So once again the dark night becomes black,
And howling is heard as wolves gather and pack,
With spirit and fight, stamina and charm,
Let no man destroy you, you mean them no harm.

Brave warriors of the night,
In the wilderness be,
Wise and cunning hunters,
Forever be free.


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New Vaccines Will Permanently Alter Your DNA – FEB 09 2020

Vaccinations = Eugenics. Just look at Bill Gates Foundation…


New Vaccines Will Permanently Alter Your DNA

Catch Themes

no vaccinations eraoflightdotcomI repost this story now because, in the rush to develop a vaccine against the China coronavirus in the next 90 days, public health officials are mentioning several experimental technologies—never before

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