A charming tale of revenge…

A Voice from Iran

The husband came home and looked in the eyes of his wife and said: “I am sorry I have fallen in love with another woman. I am divorcing you.”


The wife cried and said: “After twelve years of marriage, don’t you think we should try to work it out. Don’t you think I deserve an explanation?”


The husband replied: “It just happened, and I love another woman. My girlfriend loves our house. Therefore I will get the house after our divorce. Of course, I will give you time to evacuate.”


The wife had to do something about all these shocking unfairnesses. She filled all the curtain rods in the house with raw fish and shrimps, left her beautiful home with lots of great memories for her husband and his girlfriend.


The husband moved in with his new woman to start a passionate new life. Days passed and a strange smell…

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