The Late Edition for Wednesday, February 5, 2020: It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over—And It Ain’t Over [videos] ~ February 5, 2020

Rose Rambles...

First, a little housekeeping. WordPress “upgrades” for mobile devices are forcing us to change our blog theme and I am probably going to lose my beautiful “dusk to dawn” theme that I love so much.

This is a heads up for everyone because you will notice a dramatic change in the look of the blog. I know some people really like this format as they say it’s easy to navigate, and I wouldn’t change it if I didn’t have to.

In the coming days I will be looking at the themes WP has to offer and making some “push-button” changes. If I don’t like a new theme, I may switch to another one, so don’t let the appearance throw you off. It’s still the same website URL.

The blog will be the same, but different.

BREAKING— Now… as QAnon said would happen, the Senate has just acquitted Trump on…

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Claimed: a Goddess poem

Koyopa Rising


I was inundated with chords, melodies, and prose
After the bio-energetic awakening.
I was glad it had its own
Important-sounding phrase.
Otherwise, as you know,
In the West She is wrongly named.

The walls fell down,
Doorways blasted open
Dissolving paradox,
Along with all the fear and angst
That had been assigned
By the limited mind,
Gone in an instant.

She is seen
She is heard
She is Claimed.

She continues to fill me with music, messages,
And the pure essence of Home.
She restored my Soul.
She has healed the rift
And married the rest of me.
It’s taken a lifetime,
(And thousands more)
To truly understand,
That She was the missing piece
My eyes could not see,
She was the voice
My ears could not hear to speak!

That is,
Until She became me.

They call it blasphemy!
Shame that we should name this Christ,
Or Mary, the…

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The Organizing Principal of Government

Patriots for Truth

Excerpt* from American Popular Sovereignty @2019 by Randall E. White.

“United we stand, divided we fall!”

—John Dickenson [1]

Throughout all of history, people have organized into groups such as families and tribes for protection, sustenance and entertainment. Our human nature defines us as sentient, social creatures who enjoy nurturing, play and having fun, and exchanging ideas, goods and services with each other. We also have predatory instincts, which make humans the most feared and dangerous predator throughout all of Nature.

The field of behavioral psychology tells us that our individual human behavior is largely a result of learning what we live while we grow up, due mainly to the fact that humans have a long, plastic childhood through which our thoughts and feelings, patterns of consciousness, self-awareness, sensitivity to others, manners, motor skills, and other kinds of behavior are molded and developed into what eventually becomes our personality. Our…

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Headlines and Updates for February 5, 2020: New Q and Nazi Pelosi Stepped in It [videos] ~ February 5, 2020

Rose Rambles...

The talk of the town—Nazi Pelosi’s churlish hissy fit at the conclusion of the State of the Union address when she stepped in the chamber pot under her throne that was overflowing with the excrement she and her ilk have been spewing for years.

I have not read or listened to perceptions of how the evening went before writing this; only saw a couple of headlines.

Was Pelosi’s tantrum not in keeping with Michael Rothschild’s childish Tweet about how our “champion” will let us down? How we will never have gold toilets or marry a model… because they think that money stolen from us is central to life. These sub-humans are like spoiled toddlers when you take away their favourite toy.

If you didn’t see it… you soon will. It will be viral. Get this demon a high chair. Next there will be a food fight.

Watch the entire SOTU…

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Technologies For a Brighter Future w/Ken Rohla (Part 1/2)

Technologies For a Brighter Future w/Ken Rohla (Part 1/2)

Dauntless Dialogue

Ken Rohla, founder of Fresh and Alive, joins me to discuss breakthrough technologies for protecting our health, restoring the environment, and optimizing our lives. We also discuss the Corona Virus, Morgellon’s disease, Lyme disease, the Bosnian pyramids, scalar energy, monoatomic minerals, genetically modified organisms, biogenesis, geoengineering, fractal mathematics, artificial intelligence, the best type of water to consume, meditation, the assassinations of holistic doctors, and the suppression of discoveries in the the field of medicine.

Join Dauntless Dialogue Academy to watch the full interview.

Following My Soul’s Call To New Geographies!

SoulFullHeart Healing

by Kalayna Solais

For years now, traveling to Europe has been in my heart, ignited by a soul ache for frequencies that feel more like ‘home’. I don’t just mean on the level of feeling like my Metasoul aspects from many different ‘priestess’ lifetimes and the like get to return to their cherished sacred sites and monumental megaliths, but I’m also talking about the powerful galactic connections that live in that part of the world, where the veil between the ‘ancient’ and the ‘NOW’ is very thin.

It’s an indefinite ‘goodbye’ to Canada for now, though I can’t know when/if I’ll feel called to return here. I am leaning into the long-felt call of a nomadic soul journey which actually feels much more organic to who I am and always has!

I’ll be flying to the UK with my beloveds, Raphael and Jelelle Awen, to initiate the journey, but after…

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