Spring Clean in early February

Stories from the Wood Wide Web

May the wind inspire you,

earth protect you;

water heal you,

and fire always warm the heart

I read this verse or spell in a book about Imbolc. They advice you to say this, when you clean your house, declutter everything what is not needed, to make space for new things and new chapters in your life, or at least for this year. In this time of the year, everything starts to get awake more. Seasonal Affection disorder is slowly ending, as more solar energy gets in our system. 

The days between Midwinter and Spring Clean

I was joking to a friend that it’s ‘Brigid’s fault that I am nudged into a Marie Kondo phase. Last week I got some interesting news. In December I might have told my landlord that I like to move out in end of February, but I never signed a contract, so I assumed it…

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