Land Healing: Ritual for Putting the Land to Sleep


The Druid's Garden

As I shared a few weeks ago in my land healing framework post, the forest that I grew up in is having a big chunk cut out of it to make way for a septic line, a 40-60′ cut that will go for acres and acres.  It’s coming directly through the refugia garden that my parents and I have worked for years to tend and cultivate, where the ramps, wild ginseng, bloodroot, hardwood nut trees, and so many others grow.  My very favorite hawthorn tree, a tree that grew up with me and now stands tall will likely be removed by the line. The situation is extremely heartbreaking to me and my family–we have done everything we can to fight and try to get them to use the roadways or non-wooded areas to put in the line, but the condemnation papers have arrived, even the lawyers says it can’t be…

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Great Tartaria – The World We Lost [video]

Something to consider when you suddenly realize nothing you’ve ever learned in school was the truth about our history.

Captain's Blog

Star Forts aerial views star fort

This video is so popular I’m sharing on both blogs. The beauty and majesty of the old Tartarian architecture is unmatched. Today’s is prison-like in comparison.

The clean, safe, efficient, technology of old has been abandoned except for the ruling class of global elites while the rest of us pay through the nose for fuel, electric current, etc.

To tell us that people in covered wagons pulled by beasts of burden and who used hand saws to cut down trees traversed the country and built an edifice such as the Salt Lake City temple in Utah, for example, is an obvious lie. Why do we believe them?

Salt Lake City Temple Mormon temple, Salt Lake City, Utah

Remember the Donner party wagon train that had to spend the winter in the Sierra Nevada mountains in 1846? Yet they tell us this structure was built by pioneers such as those.

Salt Lake City…

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Great Divine Director: Welcome to a Brand New Day


The Great Divine Director is a Sirian Lord of Light, Lord Chananda Gia, Son of Lord Krishna, brother to Sanat Kumara, Logos of Venus. He serves on the Blue Ray of Power, Strength, Masculine Love. Lord Chananda was the mentor of Saint Germain and El Morya Khan.

Blue Dragon Journal


The Great Divine Director

via Eliza Ayres

Dear ones, we join you, again, on a brand new day for humanity and for your little planet, Earth. Do you feel any different? Does anything that you see look different? Probably not, unless you are open to the awareness that something has changed. That something is someone – you!

You have changed although your physical senses have not quite communicated that knowledge to your mind in a comprehensive fashion as yet. It will, when it figures out that the old ways of perceiving the world around you no longer are valid. It must and will adjust and begin to see the new world which you have now entered with new eyes, eyes that are enhanced with inner vision and wisdom of your soul and monad. You are now entering or re-entering the world from which you emerged as spirit, as an ephemeral…

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Pallas Athena: Dispensation of the Emerald Ray From the Karmic Board

Pallas Athena: Dispensation of the Emerald Ray, February 10, 2020

Hearts Centered Community – Pallas Athena’s dispensation to transmute all burdens imposed through lies was delivered through David Christopher Lewis, spiritual teacher and author, on the third day of the 2019 Winter Solstice Celebration in Ascended Master Love and Light—Meet the Karmic Board and Prepare for 2020, Dec. 12-15, 2019, Vista, California.

Archangel Adrigon: You are here out of Love


Blue Dragon Journal

005Archangel Adrigon – You are here out of Love

I AM Lord Adrigon. I preside over the Pleiadian High Council and serve with the other Archangels who are perhaps more familiar to many of you. Archangel Zadkiel is my brother. We are what you would call Pleiadian Angelics and can move through many dimensions and be in many places at once. My great mothership, The White Winds, is stationed within your solar system, parked in front of your sister planet, lovely Venus. The White Winds is but one of many motherships stationed nearby, but one of the largest, being some 3,000 miles in diameter.

Right now, myself and my brother and sister Archangels, are assisting the three waves of Light-workers as has been identified through the work of Dolores Cannon, a true pioneer.

Many of the first wavers have already left the planet and many will be leaving in the…

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The Council of Nine: “New Beginnings”


Blue Dragon Journal

The Council of Nine: “New Beginnings”

via Eliza Ayres

We are the Council of Nine.

Long have we watched over the evolution of this planet and the development of humanity. Now swiftly approaches a new beginning for your planet and its inhabitants. We encourage each of you who read these words to focus on your innermost parts, that sacred place within where you can gather your forces, calm your mind, strengthen the connection between self and Higher Self, as well as renew ties with your galactic family.

Events move apace outside the purview of the tightly controlled mass media. Things are happening in the subtle realms of the fourth dimension (the Astral Plane) as the remaining non-physical dark forces are been flushed out of their hiding places, by our own forces and our ground crew, clothed in their astral bodies. The tide has turned; the Light upon this planet steadily…

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