Compensation|جبران خسارت

A Voice from Iran

A farmer once said:

“I was cleaning one of the sheepcotes and saw a wolf had given birth to 4 cubs, in a warm corner, away from sheep.


The mother wolf went out of my farm and brought food for her cubs. She felt safe in my farm and knew I wouldn’t hurt her cubs and her. I just kept an eye on her so she wouldn’t put my sheep in danger, amazingly she cared not to, as an appreciation of my hospitality.


Every day I saw she brought sheep, chicken, gazelle for her cubs. Even though she saw my sheep every single day, but did look at them as a part of a family. I still had the count of every sheep and didn’t take my eyes off her.


Cubs grew up so fast, and one of the days that mother wolf was out to hunt, two of the…

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