#15: Wrapping Up the Houses View Spiritually

Blazing Light, Love's Song

The aspiration behind this series on the astrological houses has been that of self-knowing and understanding. A plethora of mechanisms for doing so exist in the world. They have been handed down or brought freshly forward through all spiritual traditions. The key to self-knowing is honesty in engaging oneself. We know this. Troublesome habits or thoughts are only changed through self-honesty and  heart-full integrity both being without and beyond self-judgement.

I have enjoyed writing this approach using the three planets that rule each house and have benefited from it. A fresh look at myself is always welcome! The purpose of this incarnation was  blatantly restated and new illuminations had as I went around the Wheel contemplating for each article. I hope insights and instruction were garnered by you as you pondered each new article with your birth chart.

This series will not visit the twelfth house but will leave that…

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