Meditation: things as they are

Blazing Light, Love's Song

Seeing correctly includes seeing things as they are. Vipashyana is like everything: multi-faceted and multi-layered. We are that too, as is perception, reality, every being, event, and circumstance. The joy that vipashyana offers is discovery of the more. Eventually, all the layering gives-way. One realizes that it all is adornment put on by the mind, emotions, habits of consciousness, karmic patterns, and pattern recognition. With that realization, phenomena including people empty. At some point, the voidness thus infinitude of anything and anyone arises in one’s awareness. One also recognizes that the infinitude was always present, that emptiness is the womb of all that appears and flits through experience, and that voidness and phenomena are not two separate kinds of phenomena, but a fundamental no-thing-ness that is simultaneously all that appears and appears to exist. It sounds complicated and abstract, maybe even kooky. But, anyone will come to this through the…

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