Guber Huber and Fake News

AIM Truth Bits

Betsy and Thomas explain why Huber’s so-called ‘released report’ is an attempt to exonerate Hillary from her sins of the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One.

In this audio you will learn how propaganda like this, which used to work when patriots were asleep, is backfiring on the enemy. Thomas also explains what this fake news strategy is really about.

Guber Huber and Fake News

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Keep in mind that Senators cannot actively campaign for President while an impeachment trial is going on in the Senate.

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This would effect Senator Elizabeth Warren, too.

presstitutes fake newsMaybe this was the plan all along

Bernie can’t afford to skip campaigning weeks before Iowa with poll numbers like this!

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The Cancer Within Modern Medicine – Dr. B & Sharp Edge

The Cancer Within Modern Medicine – Dr. B & Sharp Edge

SGT Report

Dr. of Pathology, Dr. B, and the deep researcher The Sharp Edge join me to discuss the cancer with modern medicine, and the push towards transhumanism.

The Cancer Within Modern Medicine Part 5: Transhumanism

TRUTH – Dr. B’s Testimony

The Smell of Books

Mitch Teemley


“I’ll buy a Kindle when they create a “book smell” app.” I wrote that right before I caved in and bought a tablet computer. But the smell was never the point. It was the memories it evoked (although I do still love the moldy redolence of old library books and inky fragrance of paperbacks).

The first girl I ever made out with was a teasy little blonde from Texas who accidentally-on-purpose spilled her perfume on my car seat. For years afterward, every time I smelled White Shoulders I’d turn in a haze of lustful memories and see an old lady pushing a walker (somehow White Shoulders became the official scent of the blue-haired generation). Talk about cognitive dissonance!

The smell of books was even more alluring. Their scent was the perfume of my true soulmate: Stories. I can’t remember when I wasn’t in love with books, with the places…

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High recognitions . . . . ‘words of the gods’


“The words ‘myth’ and ‘mythology’ evoke a distorted image for ‘myth’ is currently understood
as a legendary, fictitious event, fruit of the imagination of those who conveyed it.
‘Myth’, however, actually means something quite different; it means ‘words of the gods’.
That is what the ancient peoples used to call the teachings they received from the great
and small beings of nature. In those days, the ‘words of the gods’ were considered laws.
They brought joy into their lives and granted them wisdom.”

– Roselis von Sass (The Book of the Last Judgment)
The author draws inspiration from “The Grail Message” (In The Light of Truth) by Abd-ru-shin

Text & image source: Garden of Illumination

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Headlines and Updates for January 11, 2020: Peace—A Work in Progress [videos] ~ January 11, 2020

Rose Rambles...

Editor’s Note: Uh…yeaah, the truth IS starting to unfold whether it is wished , or not. Human error for the downing of the Ukrainian passenger jetliner (with six Iranian nuclear scientists on board). Really?

Please read more below about how the current state of affairs on planet Earth, know that tomorrow (Jan. 12) will be pivotal (in a good way!) for our Planet, and really BE…



My how things change… and in line with what President Trump suggested when he said it could have just been a terrible mistake.

It’s now “human error”… like the DEFCON button in Hawai’i when the missile “or something” had them hiding their children in storm sewers.

Iran’s Guard Accepts Responsibility for Plane Shootdown

Here’s some interesting additional information as we chew the cud. Thanks, L. It might change things. That’s not to say it’s correct, however. You can read more at Jim…

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Meditation: things as they are

Blazing Light, Love's Song

Seeing correctly includes seeing things as they are. Vipashyana is like everything: multi-faceted and multi-layered. We are that too, as is perception, reality, every being, event, and circumstance. The joy that vipashyana offers is discovery of the more. Eventually, all the layering gives-way. One realizes that it all is adornment put on by the mind, emotions, habits of consciousness, karmic patterns, and pattern recognition. With that realization, phenomena including people empty. At some point, the voidness thus infinitude of anything and anyone arises in one’s awareness. One also recognizes that the infinitude was always present, that emptiness is the womb of all that appears and flits through experience, and that voidness and phenomena are not two separate kinds of phenomena, but a fundamental no-thing-ness that is simultaneously all that appears and appears to exist. It sounds complicated and abstract, maybe even kooky. But, anyone will come to this through the…

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