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John Huber Completes Review of Clinton Foundation and Uranium One


Q-tards around the world weep that Huber, Sessions, and Horowitze reveal themselves to be globalist stooges in place to protect Senior Executive Services operatives and global mobsters like Hillary Clinton, Robert Mueller, Arvinder Sambei, Richard Dearlove, Alexander Downer…shall we go on!

Sessions-Horowitz SES.

Patriot freespeechfanatic posts:

I took one look at the potato-pancake face of Huber and knew he would produce nothing. I said as much here. Nothing in his face, his bearing, to denote the character of the hunter.


The Trump rally line in Toledo is so long you couldn’t even see the end of it



Look at the overflow crowd outside of the #TrumpRallyToledo!

— Team Trump (Text FIRST to 88022) (@TeamTrump) January 10, 2020


Your presence at a Trump rally is like your 2020 vote. It is the shot…

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