Beautiful word of “LOVE”|”کلمه زیبای “عشق

A Voice from Iran

He was supposed to become a doctor. But of course, this was what his father told him to.


His father said: “Study hard and become a doctor because doctors make good money, and you can buy a great house and wonderful gifts for your wife, and have a great life.”


He was a little boy. He didn’t know what precisely study hard means; to have a great life, but he could see in his father’s eyes that it should be an excessive thing.

The boy grew up and fell in love with the neighbor’s daughter, and every night just stood at his window and looked at her for a few minutes, and she looked back like she was waiting for him.


The boy wrote a letter to the girl every day and explained that he would become a doctor, buy a house for her along with great gifts. But he…

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