Meditation: looking correctly

Blazing Light, Love's Song

We’ve talked about vipashyana/vipassana before, but let’s once again engage this vast topic, its application in life, and the freeing that results from doing so.

Vipashyana is an ancient meditation technique. It is found in all ancient Indian texts in one way or another. This practice underlies all shamanic traditions, though the Sanskrit word would never be used. A shaman’s role is precisely to perceive correctly, to have insight into a situation or someone’s body or the other-worldly reasons for circumstances. Looking correctly has enabled a shape-shifting shaman to correctly understand that the human form in which his/her consciousness dwells is merely a costume. The shaman can, therefore, put on any costume he or she likes!

In truth, the majority of a vipashyana practice has to be off the cushion in the moment to moment of one’s life. It is there that the habits of not looking correctly, not perceiving…

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