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Breaking: Virginia vows to shut down all gun ranges not owned by the state




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Esper: ‘There’s Been No Decision Whatsoever to Leave Iraq’


Defense Secretary Esper’s chief of staff resigns


Amazing this needs to be said, but since too many in American media aren’t saying it…

Iran is not a free country. Images you’re seeing of Iranians “mourning” terrorist Soleimani are likely coerced. This is a regime that murders its own people regularly.

Beware of propaganda.

— Mark Meadows (@RepMarkMeadows) January 6, 2020


trump v iran.jpg.

tt impeachment hoax.

Homeland Security will share citizenship data with Census


muslims congress.

soleimani benghazi tweet.JPGMake sure to read Jack’s thread on this topic here.


soleimani reach.jpg.

China, European Union (Pilgrims Society), and Iran – the globalists competing for their piece of America. Wake up, patriots, and start beating them back by giving MAGA a…

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2 thoughts on “Cat Report

  1. This reporter puts a picture of man wearing a cloth with the Sikhi Khanda imprinted on it and then cites Muslim connections. Sikhi is not Islam and this type of reporting is highly ignorant, subliminally deceptive therefore questionable and undoubtedly disrespectful…

    I’m referring to the picture of the man known as Andre Carson that is depicted in this ‘American “Intelligence” Media’ report.

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