Session Themes and Navigating this Potent Week of Energies

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In recent months, but especially the last two weeks, I’ve noticed a major recurring theme in sessions. I thought I’d share a little of that theme here, since it seems to be somewhat of a collective process if so many individuals are going through it right now. I’ll also share links to some insightful articles about this week’s super intense events in the sky. This weekend brings a perfect storm of aspects all coming together … and yet these aspects continue to ricochet off past and future potent transits. In my own chart, these eclipses and mega-events hit majorly sensitive spots, so I’m not only observing effects in sessions and in the collective, but also very much in my inner and outer life.

Radical Vulnerability

One theme I continue to encounter is that of vulnerability. Specifically, life seems to be putting people into what would normally feel like a worst…

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The Final Disclosure: GRAVITY w/Corey Goode

The Final Disclosure: GRAVITY w/Corey Goode

Edge of Wonder

What a better way to kick off the New Year 2020 than with the man, the legend, the Goode Guy, Corey!

On this special episode, we invited Corey to talk about why he had to take a step back in the community, his meeting with the Anshar and Karee, what they told him, Project Looking Glass and time travel, AND an exclusive revelation that he didn’t reveal to anyone else on what his understanding of how time and gravity works, just on Edge of Wonder!

Better a witty fool than a foolish wit — Shakespeare

Humoring the Goddess

The Lauging Jester, painter Unknown

Sometimes I don’t mind being fooled.

Mother nature has a great way of pulling my leg. Sitting on the sofa, looking out the window, it’s bright and sunny outside. The birds are visiting the feeder, the wind is gently blowing the naked tree branches — it looks so inviting. So I go put a hoodie and some jeans on and go outside, only to be frozen to death because it’s only 30 degrees outside.

Or my cat meowing that she’s starving, walking around the house, meowing pitifully in the furthest of places. I look at the clock; perhaps I did forget to feed her at our pre-arranged time. Feeling guilty, I get up from writing to give her dinner, only to find half the bowl still there, merely a center circle having been eaten in the past few hours.

Those kinds of getting fooled I…

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Sacred stillness


DSC_0967 crp stillness sind.JPG

You may be feeling very a bit all over the place, anxious, agitated.
You may have been waiting upon an outcome of a situation which seems to be delaying or unclear and this is playing on your nerves.
Breathe deeply
Everyone at the moment is influenced by the the energetic shifts taking place just as you are and everyone deals with this the way they can.
Allowing the process for yourself also means allowing others their own way of processing.
There is though, a higher purpose for the void and it is not to play on your nerves, but to allow you the space to look at yourself, to look within.
Your contentment is not to be found with another person or situation, it is to be found within yourself.
Find the importance in stillness.
Stillness is a sacred practice.
Stillness, especially with the aid of deep breathing…

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Meditation: looking correctly

Blazing Light, Love's Song

We’ve talked about vipashyana/vipassana before, but let’s once again engage this vast topic, its application in life, and the freeing that results from doing so.

Vipashyana is an ancient meditation technique. It is found in all ancient Indian texts in one way or another. This practice underlies all shamanic traditions, though the Sanskrit word would never be used. A shaman’s role is precisely to perceive correctly, to have insight into a situation or someone’s body or the other-worldly reasons for circumstances. Looking correctly has enabled a shape-shifting shaman to correctly understand that the human form in which his/her consciousness dwells is merely a costume. The shaman can, therefore, put on any costume he or she likes!

In truth, the majority of a vipashyana practice has to be off the cushion in the moment to moment of one’s life. It is there that the habits of not looking correctly, not perceiving…

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Cat Report

American Intelligence Media


virginia tyrant gun control.jpg.

Breaking: Virginia vows to shut down all gun ranges not owned by the state




gun control castro.jpg.

Esper: ‘There’s Been No Decision Whatsoever to Leave Iraq’


Defense Secretary Esper’s chief of staff resigns


Amazing this needs to be said, but since too many in American media aren’t saying it…

Iran is not a free country. Images you’re seeing of Iranians “mourning” terrorist Soleimani are likely coerced. This is a regime that murders its own people regularly.

Beware of propaganda.

— Mark Meadows (@RepMarkMeadows) January 6, 2020


trump v iran.jpg.

tt impeachment hoax.

Homeland Security will share citizenship data with Census


muslims congress.

soleimani benghazi tweet.JPGMake sure to read Jack’s thread on this topic here.


soleimani reach.jpg.

China, European Union (Pilgrims Society), and Iran – the globalists competing for their piece of America. Wake up, patriots, and start beating them back by giving MAGA a…

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You Are the Walker | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Excitement. You look for excitement. You think happiness is being excited. But happiness is quiet. Excitement, like anger, is heated to a boil, and it wears you down. Excitement shows an attachment to an anticipated result. You are excited that something you would like very much is going to happen or has just happened. When it actually happens, the excitement may last another minute or two, but then it leaves, and you want something else to take its place to be excited about.

Excitement hardly brings you fulfillment. Even if what you are excited about is fulfilled, you are not.

You are excited about a vacation, yet it is hard for a vacation to live up to your excitement. You wanted a shiny new bicycle, and now that you have it, excitement has ridden away. You feel unfulfilled when you don’t have excitement, and unfulfilled when you do.

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