Winter solstice and Christmas in Japan

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In Japan, Christmas is no holiday. I have now a small break from work to write this; but later I return to work. Christmas Eve is apparently a day for dating (because the Christmas illumination look so romantic and the Christmas cake looks so “Kawai” and tasty, so perfect dating food) and there is this quite rude metaphor about single women as old Christmas cakes (because they spend Christmas Eve alone or something like that, and are not “consumed” Christmas cakes that are left behind the day after) at KFC, the chicken was sold out, because Japanese think it is a western tradition to eat chicken, and go to a western brand like KFC.

However there are practices in Japan related to winter solstice I learned about. And is Christmas not related with the winter solstice? So I like to share a bit about winter solstice in Japan.

The winter…

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