Full Moon in Gemini- Voice of Truth, Ending of Relationship Cycles, Illumination of Secrets ~ December 12, 2019

Rose Rambles...

By Astromomma

On December 12th, at 12:12 am EST, the moon, which rules: our emotions, soul and inner core, becomes full at 20 degrees of Gemini. Full moons are always an extremely emotional time, and represent: endings, manifestation and completions. Gemini, the 3rd zodiac sign, is all about: communication, malleability, curiosity, and intelligence. This is the last full moon of the decade and the last one before the Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on December 26th. Prepare for massive shifts and change!

The Full Moon in Gemini will bring forth communication and confessions to the surface. If there has been a long held truth that needs to be spoken, then La Luna in the sign of the twins, will bring forth transparency and clarity. Known to be highly intelligent, the sign of Gemini, loves to learn and explore. The issue with the sign of the twins, is sometimes they will say…

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