News Burst 6 December 2019 ~ December 6, 2019

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News Burst 2 September 2019

  • Speaker Pelosi orders House Judiciary Panel to draft articles of impeachment. The party is considering multiple articles of impeachment, including charges of abuse of power, bribery, etc. etc.
  • The number of people killed by Typhoon Kammuri’s pounding of the Philippines this week has hit 13.
  • Hong Kong gives protesters green light for big march on Sunday.
  • A 23-year-old rape victim was set ablaze by a gang of men, including the alleged rapist, as she made her way to court in northern India.
  • The United States has imposed sanctions on 17 individuals allegedly linked to a Russia-based cyber-criminal organisation called Evil Corp that coordinated malware attacks to steal some $100 million in 40 countries.

  • Netanyahu’s top aides indicted on corruption charges in submarine affair probe. The corruption scheme, known as Case 3000, that involved bribes to Israeli officials for soliciting multi-million-dollar state contracts on nuclear submarines…

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X22 Report, 12.6.2019

Manufacturers Are Coming Back To The US, [CB] Tries To Push Against The Plan – Episode 2039a

BJ is now fighting against the same thing Trump has been fighting, leaks. BJ says the leaked BREXIT report is nonsense. UK Diplomats are now resigning over BREXIT. Trump once again is showing the people that he control the economic narrative, phase I of the trade deal is moving along. Manufactures are returning to the US, since Trump reduced taxes removed regulations we see a spike in Manufactures returning to the US. The [CB] are trying to control the narrative but it is failing.

Message Sent and Received, It’s Hammer Time, Those Responsible Will Be Punished – Episode 2039b

The [DS] is in a panic, DC is in a panic. The fake impeachment is not going to help their agenda; it is going to have the opposite effect. RG visits Ukraine during the fake impeachment hearing, presents new evidence, says US and Ukraine should work together to stomp out corruption. Ivanka Trump sends a message, Q drops more bread and lets us know that DC is panicking.

Chiron Direct and the Spiritual Significance of 12/12/19 — Forever Conscious


On December 12, 2019, we have a number of cosmic events taking place. Some of us in the world, depending on our time zone, will experience the last Full Moon of the year. Moments after this, Chiron, the asteroid associated with healing will also turn direct after being retrograde since July. All of this unfolding…

via Chiron Direct and the Spiritual Significance of 12/12/19 — Forever Conscious

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Ease Your Heart | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

It is important that your heart be eased. It is important that you ease it. Whatever makes your heart tense, know that it is untruth. Tension is dependent upon untruth. The truth is that you are immortal. When you are immortal, what can befall you?

Your body is mortal, but you are not. Only you think you are your body. You mistakenly think that the physical dimension is the extent of you. And that is why you try to hold on to whatever it is you try to hold on to.

Light cannot be held. You can hold a candle, the conveyance of the light, but you cannot hold the light. It is unholdable. At the same time, it is everywhere, and cannot disappear. Just as you can never disappear.

You identify yourself with a name that was given to you. You think you are that name. You…

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Living the Paradox and Mystery of Light and Darkness

Cosmic Christ

The following is from Richard Rohr’s daily meditation.  It’s a wonderful reminder of how to live a balanced life in the midst of our swirling chaos.  Taken from :

–Doug Esse


Key Phrase: “If we have a pie-in-the-sky, everything is beautiful attitude, we are going to be trapped by the darkness because we don’t see clearly enough to separate the wheat from the chaff. Conversely, if we can only see the darkness and forget the more foundational Light, we will be destroyed by our own negativity and fanaticism, or we will naively think we are completely apart and above the darkness.”



Waiting in Darkness
Friday, December 6, 2019

The darkness of this world will never totally go away. I’ve lived long enough and offered spiritual direction enough to know that darkness isn’t going to disappear, but that, as John’s Gospel says, “the light shines…

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A Good Day To . . . 7 December 2019 — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

The 7th is a Good Day To . . . be aware that the mind and the instincts, that latter of which we might define as the ability to know even if we don’t know, will be directly at odds today. Mercury in Scorpio will oppose Sedna in Taurus; it may be a battle between […]

A Good Day To . . . 7 December 2019 — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

Understanding Humans, Extraterrestrials, and the Awakening of the Planetary Mind; free eBook by Gary Opit

Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication

Understanding Humans, Extraterrestrials, and the Awakening of the Planetary Mind.

You can find on this link below the free eBook by Australian researcher Gary Opit.

Understanding Humans & Extraterrestrials Gary Opit 2019

Also available on Amazon.

Gary Opit

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A Good Day To . . . 6 December 2019 — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY — dreamweaver333

The 6th is a Good Day To . . . stick to your highest values, fulfill commitments, and actively honor all that you care about–it will pay off, sometimes significantly. It may look as if those values and sacred areas somehow need adjustment, but that’s an optical illusion–they are excellent just the way they are–and […] […]

A Good Day To . . . 6 December 2019 — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY — dreamweaver333