Why I Believe: C.S. Lewis and Me – Part Two

Mitch Teemley


My journey from atheism to faith

To read Part One click here.

I began to think of my longing for God as a hunger for a flavor that didn’t exist. Which seemed odd. But there was one example of such a phenomenon—and only one—in my experience:

As long as I could remember, I’d had an inexplicable desire for…it was impossible to describe it, really…a sort of sweet…something…that seemed like it might be a fruit…if it existed…which, of course, it didn’t. I’d longed for this flavor and the smell I associated with it for as long as I could remember. And for as long as I had desired it, I’d been certain it was imaginary. Though how I could desire an imaginary fruit, I couldn’t imagine.

Then one dayI walked into a little organic produce store in Costa Mesa, California and smelled my “imaginary fruit!” I walked over…

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