REBEL YELL: ‘From Alcatraz to Standing Rock’, The 50-Year Arc of Native Activism – By Shoshi Parks

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“…Genocide and federal assimilationist policies had cut the “tree of life” off at the base…When the Indians of All Tribes seized Alcatraz on November 20, 1969, the tree had once again begun to grow. Fifty years later, the sprouts that first germinated on Alcatraz Island have matured into a broad canopy thick with Indigenous activism. A direct line traces the path of pan-Native activism from the 1969 Occupation of Alcatraz to the 10-month standoff over the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock three years ago”

From Alcatraz to Standing Rock: The 50-Year Arc of Native Activism – By Shoshi Parks

(Original Caption) American Indian leaders huddled on rain-swept Alcatraz in a pre-christmas summit meeting to map strategy on their occupation of the historic island here 12/24. Shown at press conference telling newsmen of the high echelon meet are L-R: Richard Oakes, Earl Livermore and Al Miller.

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