Meditation: “when this body dies, this mind does not die.”

Our bodies are vehicles for our consciousness as we experience a “life”. Yes, consciousness continues beyond the death of the body.

Blazing Light, Love's Song

Training in shamatha provides an incremental experience of the mind as it is. This mind is distinct from the thoughts that arise or roll around in it or the emotions that come and go or the sensations that produce our sense of the physical and dimensional worlds. This mind is Awareness; it is continuous, bright, spacious, and pure.

It is this mind born of Awareness that continues after the body dies. That is worth knowing and worth contemplating. It is also valuable to call to mind throughout the day as Awareness-mind gets temporarily cluttered with the thoughts or tasks of the day, with something upsetting, or by fleeting joy and delight. Noticing the fluxuations of the content that passes through the mind, one also begins to notice the nature of mind as distinct from those contents. The nature is Awareness.

When in a meditation session practicing abiding in the spacious…

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