Astrology December 3, 2019: Venus Sextiles Mars, Mercury Sextiles Pluto

Cosmic Life Coach

Cosmic Weather:

It seems we’ve been officially cleared by the “powers-that-be” to formally spread some love around! 🙂

Venus and Mars, the Cosmic Lovers, are sextile to each other today. A more pleasant and pleasurable astrological aspect that bodes well not only for romantic encounters but also sets up a nice give and take in our relationships in general. We’re potentially more willing and wanting now to express our love (Venus) through the actions (Mars) that we take. This is also a very creative influence that can especially inspire us to want to create more beauty around us and out in the world.

Communicator Mercury is also sextile Pluto today, the ruler of the subconscious. This energy can help take conversations to a deeper level. It’s possible, too, that we may hear, see, or read something now that really resonates with us on a core level, which also does a…

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