Headlines and Updates for December 3, 2019: Unprecedented Theatre in the Liberation of Earth [videos] ~ December 3, 2019

Rose Rambles...

Editor’s Note: Really slow and crappy Internet connection just as I started loading this daily news report from Starship Earth, coincidental? I think not for the very last video about sights in our skies would not load. I plan to check this out on Steve Olsen’s WSO website.

Sigh…timing is everything and we now see Pelosi delaying the Impeachment movement (did she really think impeachment of President Trump was possible??), as well as a probable delay for FISA release. We know all the cards need to played in just the right manner to avoid catastrophe, so I will guess even more folks need to be aware of what our true reality is. I know my immediate family senses something is up, but don’t know details…

So…please read this report, soldier on as the truth is revealed, know that all things happen with Divine timing, and BE…




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Listen to your Elders. A whole new meaning.

Koyopa Rising

Below are two videos: The recent Panel of Elders facilitated by Matthew Belair’s podcast, and an interview with Clifford Mahooty, a Zuni Pueblo Indian Elder, interviewed by The Moore Show. In the first one, there were many technical issues but I feel it’s important for us to know that these elders have been, and are, actively sharing their Indigenous histories as well as their wisdom about these times. In Clifford Mahooty’s interview, he shares more about their connection to the (Kachina) star beings.

As often occurs when I find resonance with what I’m reading-viewing, related bits that have come through the Sound of Gold messages come into my awareness, so I posted pieces of a 2007 message here. With this blog, I speak to those who are interested in engaging beyond pop-spiritual culture or Facebook memes to fuel the spirit. If we are present, we are available to witness the…

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Why I Believe: C.S. Lewis and Me – Part Two

Mitch Teemley


My journey from atheism to faith

To read Part One click here.

I began to think of my longing for God as a hunger for a flavor that didn’t exist. Which seemed odd. But there was one example of such a phenomenon—and only one—in my experience:

As long as I could remember, I’d had an inexplicable desire for…it was impossible to describe it, really…a sort of sweet…something…that seemed like it might be a fruit…if it existed…which, of course, it didn’t. I’d longed for this flavor and the smell I associated with it for as long as I could remember. And for as long as I had desired it, I’d been certain it was imaginary. Though how I could desire an imaginary fruit, I couldn’t imagine.

Then one dayI walked into a little organic produce store in Costa Mesa, California and smelled my “imaginary fruit!” I walked over…

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I don’t do TV or social media. Just blog and write. And ignore commercials and mail flyers. It is a choice what you do or don’t focus upon this time of the year. Me… go for a walk, read a good book and listen to fine music, cook a nice meal, share conversation with an interesting friend. And enjoy the Season of Light. Blessings all…

Humoring the Goddess

It’s that time of year again. That time of year that brings more emotional conflict than which kind of ice cream I want for dinner.

The time of year that makes me an unwilling curmudgeon in a season of love and peace.

It’s the Christmas Season. The season of love, of giving, of a baby being born in Bethlehem. The season of helping those less fortunate than you, the season of old traditions and new beginnings.

The TV shows. The TV commercials. Online postings. Social media. The hints, the innuendos, the facts. My poor old heart is having a harder and harder time sifting through the sentimental stuff. 

Perhaps it’s just my age showing. But I am inclined to think it is more the advertising industry taking advantage of my sentimental, over-emotional heart. 

And I don’t like it.

I’ve already seen TV commercials about kids making video books for grandpa…

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Meditation: “when this body dies, this mind does not die.”

Our bodies are vehicles for our consciousness as we experience a “life”. Yes, consciousness continues beyond the death of the body.

Blazing Light, Love's Song

Training in shamatha provides an incremental experience of the mind as it is. This mind is distinct from the thoughts that arise or roll around in it or the emotions that come and go or the sensations that produce our sense of the physical and dimensional worlds. This mind is Awareness; it is continuous, bright, spacious, and pure.

It is this mind born of Awareness that continues after the body dies. That is worth knowing and worth contemplating. It is also valuable to call to mind throughout the day as Awareness-mind gets temporarily cluttered with the thoughts or tasks of the day, with something upsetting, or by fleeting joy and delight. Noticing the fluxuations of the content that passes through the mind, one also begins to notice the nature of mind as distinct from those contents. The nature is Awareness.

When in a meditation session practicing abiding in the spacious…

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Astrology December 3, 2019: Venus Sextiles Mars, Mercury Sextiles Pluto

Cosmic Life Coach

Cosmic Weather:

It seems we’ve been officially cleared by the “powers-that-be” to formally spread some love around! 🙂

Venus and Mars, the Cosmic Lovers, are sextile to each other today. A more pleasant and pleasurable astrological aspect that bodes well not only for romantic encounters but also sets up a nice give and take in our relationships in general. We’re potentially more willing and wanting now to express our love (Venus) through the actions (Mars) that we take. This is also a very creative influence that can especially inspire us to want to create more beauty around us and out in the world.

Communicator Mercury is also sextile Pluto today, the ruler of the subconscious. This energy can help take conversations to a deeper level. It’s possible, too, that we may hear, see, or read something now that really resonates with us on a core level, which also does a…

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