More Light Means More Knowing — HighHeartLife

“Light” is Divine Intelligence, the Consciousness of the Multiverse. Light is represented on the Altar of your Heart by the Yellow/Gold Ray. “Christ” consciousness is born within when the initiate successfully balances the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies of the two other rays, the Pink and the Blue by utilizing a blend of the two, the Violet Flame, to burn away all dross remaining within the Light Body and four Lower Bodies…” Sundeelia VaCoupe, The White Winds, Pleiadian Flagship

Denise LeFay: Remember how I’d heard some ascended someone gleefully say in October that, ‘We’d need each of our Triple Crowns to get ourselves through the last three months of 2019!’? Indeed. Like my November 24, 2019 article, this one is also one I was not planning on writing and certainly not now. However, I know to […]

More Light Means More Knowing — HighHeartLife