#10, the astrological houses spiritually viewed: the 4th house

Blazing Light, Love's Song

The fourth house is the deepest point of the chart. Its cusp line is the downward vertical axis symbolizing the energy of spirit, soul, higher nature, and innate being coming into manifestation. It “descends” into form thereby creating an incarnation.

The mysteries and truths of birth/death are held before us in the water houses. The 4th represents our birth home, birth family, and the circumstances that will color the entire life due to choosing that birth. From the higher nature’s point of view, birth is death into form and death is a birth out of form. The 8th house represents the myriad deaths that one experiences through life: giving up, letting go, the passing away of things or people, and one’s growth through these experiences. The 12th house represents the death of the personality or practitioner and the completion of the Wheel. It is a death through devotion, opening fully…

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