X22 Report, 12.01.2019

Pelosi Boxed In, This Is Not A Trade War, It’s War On The [CB] – Episode 2034a

Trump boxes in Pelosi on the USMCA. The USMCA is need for the overall plan for the US and to bringdown the [CB]. The US has become energy independent, this is needed once the US breaks free of the petro dollar. This is not a trade war, it is a war on the [CB]. The [DS] is pushing the fake impeachment forward, they have no place to go but forward. They will try to use other tactics to save themselves, but it will fail.

New Evidence Gathered In Rome, Get Ready For The Knock Out Punch – Episode 2034b

The [DS] is pushing the fake impeachment forward, they have no place to go but forward. They will try to use other tactics to save themselves but it will fail. Hunter baby case wants his financial information exposed, Hunter trying to hide it. FISA, Declass and criminal investigations coming. Barr and Durham found additional evidence out in Rome. The MSM/DS is now spinning what is coming, they are using words like debunked and unfounded without showing evidence. The corruption, the swamp is about to be exposed.

Amanda Ellis: December Energy Update – Be Blessed…and Present

Amanda Ellis: December Energy Update – Be Blessed…and Present, 11.30.2019

Amanda Ellis

A collective read of current energies including: Need for Temperance, Moderation (linked to Light Body activation), Being Present, Blessings of Protection and Strength, Finding your Fire, Women;s Rage (will change the world), Families and Tribe, Cycle of Life – Many New Souls coming as others depart, Acknowledging and Spending time with our Inner Child, Nature’s Gifts and Continuing steps towards Unity Consciousness. I will look at 12:12 Portal and Solstice Energies in separate videos…

Have a good month everyone….lots of love Amanda xx

And so It Begins…

Mitch Teemley

In the Beginning

Advent, the season leading up to Christmas, is the root of the word “adventure.” It means to finally arrive after a long journey. It is about Christ’s arrival. And ours.

“One of the essential paradoxes of Advent:that while we wait for God, we are with God all along, that while we need to be reassured of God’s arrival, or the arrival of our homecoming, we are already at home. While we wait, we have to trust, to have faith, but it is God’s grace that gives us that faith.” ~Michelle Blake

“For outlandish creatures like us…Bethlehem is not the end of our journey, but only the beginning – not home, but the place through which we must pass if ever we are to reach home at last.” ~Frederick Buechner

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These days, a growing number of animal caregivers are thinking and acting more holistically. Many of us have realized that western medicine, although sometimes necessary, is not the only solution to many of our companion animals’ health concerns. We have realized that medicine can be quite harsh on their small and sensitive bodies. We have realized the value of alternative treatments. We have realized that there is more than one way to treat ailments that arise in our companion animals. For some of us, this means research, research, research!

Though western veterinary medicine is still prevalent and has its significant role in saving lives, it is highly unnecessary to fall back on in every little circumstance. Just like for humans, companion animals can develop chronic health issues. This often means a lot of pain and suffering for our animal friends unless we do…

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A Druid’s Guide to Homestead Bird Flocks and Flock Happiness

The Druid's Garden

Baby ducks!

On the Druid’s Garden homestead, we have many feathered friends. I think a lot of people see birds just as livestock, but here, we see them a little differently. Thus, I wanted to create a short guide for people who were thinking about cultivating a relationship with a backyard flock of birds but they weren’t sure what kind of birds they might want!  Of course, this is my own druid perspective on homestead bird flocks, which might be a bit different than what you’ll find on more general sites.   In this guide, I’ll talk about a variety of backyard flock breeds, how they might help your garden and homestead, challenges, temperament, and more. I will also note that I haven’t raised birds for meat, so I won’t talk about that much in this guide. I’ll cover four common backyard flock birds: chickens, ducks, geese, and guinea fowl.


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Tolec 11-29-19… “Life Changing Cosmic Energy Waves”

Kauilapele's Blog

Tolec’s message is very relevant to me, personally, at this time, and I believe will be helpful to many.


Published November 29, 2019
New Cosmic Energy Waves washing over planet Earth. Positive, Unsettling, Purposeful, Disruptive, Healing, Transmutation, Clearing, Release, Transformation.


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GAIA RISING: Expert Claims Trees Communicate, Have ‘Feelings’ & Look After Each Other Like Couples


Source – awarenessact.com

“…Trees share food with their own species for the same reasons as human communities: there are advantages to working together. On its own, a tree cannot establish a consistent local climate. It is at the mercy of wind and weather. But together, many trees create an ecosystem that moderates extremes of heat and cold, stores a great deal of water and generates a great deal of humidity. And in this protected environment, trees can live to be very old”

Expert Claims Trees Communicate, Have ‘Feelings’ And Look After Each Other Like Couples – By Gerald Sinclair

While we might see trees just about everywhere most people never stop to consider all the things that can be going on within them. Sure, they’re ‘alive’ but just how similar to ‘us’ are they?

According to Peter Wohlleben they are capable of so much more than most of us…

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THE 9/11 PSY-OPERA: ‘Bin Laden & The 911 Illusion’, Patsies & Beneficiaries (Part I) – By Dean Henderson


Source – hendersonlefthook.wordpress.com

“Atta spoke Hebrew, snorted coke and lived with a stripper. Atta and up to seven other 911 hijackers had received flight training at US military facilities…According to the FBI, five of the nineteen alleged 911 hijackers were trained by the US military – three at Pensacola Naval Air Station and two at other facilities….”

Bin Laden & The 911 Illusion: Part I: Patsies & Beneficiaries

The alleged killing of Osama bin Laden, which fittingly occurred in his mansion within 1,000 yards of a Pakistani military training academy, could signal the winding down of the biggest psychological warfare operation ever prosecuted by the global oligarchy.
What follows is a three-part investigation of 911 excerpted from my book, Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network.

The Patsies

In the wake of the 911 terror…

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THE PEDO-FILE: How the Epstein Saga Connects to Almost Every Aspect of the Worldwide Conspiracy – By Makia Freeman


Source – humansarefree.com

“…Jeffrey Epstein was connected to a plethora of highly influential people, governments, institutions and agencies – in other words, he was an insider who rubbed shoulders with the movers and shakers that run the world…The parallels between pedophile and child-trafficker Epstein and Prince Andrew, and pedophile, necrophiliac and child-procurer Jimmy Savile and Prince Charles are stark and undeniable”

How the Epstein Saga Connects to Almost Every Aspect of the Worldwide Conspiracy – By Makia Freeman

The Epstein saga continues, with new information arising weekly and even daily that keeps shining the light on the audacious pedophilia, sex-trafficking and blackmail operation run by the disappeared or suicided pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

The Epstein Saga, like a giant spider web, connects to almost every aspect of the worldwide conspiracy, including pedophilila, blackmail, transhumanism and Israel.

The Epstein saga is astonishing; like an octopus or a giant squid, it has…

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