Castle of Loyal Women|قلعه زنان وفادار

A Voice from Iran


I always loved my mother’s stories, even the most unreal ones. It doesn’t matter if an account is a total lie; what matters is what we learn from it. We can change the world if each one of us turns a little bit of these fairy tales into reality, like love, trust, loyalty and millions of positive things in those stories.


I like to live in dreams; I guess life would be more beautiful this way.


In the year 1140, a war happened between two dynasties of “Welfs” and “Hohenstaufen” in Germany. There are many fairytales about this war, and one of it that I like most is this;


When the enemy was able to win the battle and sieged the castle Weinsberg, all the people sheltered in the castle.


The enemy’s commander said: “I will not kill any women nor children. All the children and women can walk out…

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