Meditation: center has no location

Blazing Light, Love's Song

There are so many meditation practices. None are new. They all have been offered by great and authentic meditation masters down the ages in several different countries. Included in these techniques are seed thought contemplations, shamanic merging, mystical union, plus all the ways in which shamatha (peaceful abiding) and vipashyana (insight) are practiced and accomplished.

Over decades, I’ve experienced all the ones listed, as have those who were in retreat with me. This is said because of the techniques being focused upon in the online practice for a while now. We could return to seed thought-contemplative meditation which was done almost exclusively online about 5 years ago. We could do mantra recitation as we have for periods over the last four years. Each are rich, deep, ans engage the mind and heart in particular ways, and are very worthwhile.

A group of about 20 of us spent 15 years fully…

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