X22 Report, 18.11.2019

Did You See What Trump Did, He Countered The MSM & The [CB] – Episode 2024a

Germany’s homeless problem is on the rise. The MSM/[CB] have been building the narrative that Trump was going to fire Fed Chair Jerome Powell. Trump decided to have a meeting which was not on his calendar with JP. They discusses the economy, interest rates and he countered the MSM/[CB] narrative. I wonder if interest are going to be cut again.

Trump Brings The Storm, A Name To Remember, The Takedown – Episode 2024b

The [DS] is continuing with the fake impeachment, they know that it’s not going their way so they are trying to get the grand jury information from the Mueller investigation. Kash Patel is suing Politico and the fake impeachment hearings which includes Adam Schiff.  The Supreme Court blocked the [DS] from getting Trump’s taxes. Trump is bringing the storm. The exposure of the [DS] is working; the takedown is coming. Trump has brought the storm.