X22 REPORT, 11.18.19

MSM/[CB] Panic, This Is Their Latest Tactic To Control The Economic Narrative – Episode 2023a

The stock market just hit twenty eight thousand points for the first time, the plan is working. Trump let’s the farmers know that more funds are heading their way. The MSM/CB are trying everything to control the economic narrative, it is failing, Trump lets the CB/MSM know that it is not working.

The Central Bank ‘system’ is a manipulated, illusionary system.

The Harvest Is About To Begin, Suicide Watch, Panic In DC – Episode 2023b

The patriots are in full control, this week more individuals are slated to testify and before they do the entire narrative is falling apart, they are exposed. The patriots are prepared to and getting ready to harvest. The IG report is ready, the clock is ticking down. Q drops more bread, lets us know that certain individuals might off themselves once the charges are produced. Panic in DC, Pain is coming.

The People are awake. They know what they want and it isn’t what is being pushed by the Deep State…