Headlines and Updates for November 16, 2019: The Giant is Awake [videos] ~ November 16, 2019

Rose Rambles...

We see the proof of the Great Awakening before us every day, and it
terrifies the control freaks—because they’ve lost it. They are no longer
calling the shots and their control structure is imploding, about to
fall within its own footprint like the buildings they destroyed on 9/11.

They have sufficiently lied their way to oblivion in the legacy media
and America and the rest of the world is flocking to the Internet for
scraps of truth so they can patch together a narrative that makes sense
to them.

Big Tech is flailing their tentacles about, wildly attempting to
stifle the cries of The People on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, social
media platforms, and most assuredly, skewing search results on topics
that truth seekers are interested in exploring.

This weekend is the one year anniversary of the Yellow Vest
Movement/Les Gillets Jaunes in France and the People are issuing a stark

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