Ascension Energies ~ November 17, 2019

Rose Rambles...

Editor’s Note: At times, the most meaningful messages are those that are the shortest. Please read this message carefully, open your heart (not your mind!), and BE…



A new dawn has come.

The revolution of human consciousness has not been televised and it doesn’t need to be.

This is a deeply personal shift, catalyzed by the individual…an awakening of the inner world. A realization of being inside of a box by stepping outside of it.

We all know as children that magic is real. It is a given. It is only
through becoming stuck in the reality of the mind that we lose our

The body, the mind and the spirit all speak to different levels of reality…and the soul is beginning to speak.

Can you feel it?

It is the force that is crumbling the ancient systems of total control into the framework of the new…

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An Advanced Civilization Existed Older Than Recorded Time, Stunning Archaeological Evidence


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Convincing evidence that seems to solve a number of mysteries regarding human history and the earliest civilizations. “The pyramid-cultures all built “Triptych” three-door temples, with the door in the middle wider and taller than the two flanking it. The abundant occurrence of the Triptych across the ancient world is not a random coincidence. The Triptych represents more than merely an architectural element; the Triptych is the chief symbol of an advanced Universal Religion that was once shared globally in Antiquity, mainly by the pyramid cultures. The discovery of the Triptych provides, for the first time, conclusive evidence that ancient cultures worldwide shared the same spiritual beliefs. It also indicates that these cultures did not evolve independently, but were probably descended from the same more remote parent source.


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Cat Report

American Intelligence Media


The United States Military is collaborating with the CIA to remove a U.S. President from office


tt coup.jpg.

Kennedy 3.

roger stone target.jpg

Conviction of Roger Stone is the “tipping point for tyranny” as Americans realize the whole system is rigged, dishonest and DANGEROUS to us all


Reminder from 2017

A federal judge in Washington D.C. on Friday tossed out a lawsuit against Hillary Clinton that alleged negligence in her email security was the cause of two Americans’ deaths in the 2012 attack on the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya. Read more

And who was that judge? Same one for Roger Stone and Paul Manafort. 


amy bitchman jackson thumbnail.



lee zeldin tweet.JPG.

deval patritck afi.jpgOpposition Research Inside This Link!

START DIGGING! The devil is in these details, even if they are scrubbed, the bad guys always miss things. Download and…

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A Good Day To . . . 18 November 2019 — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

The 18th is a Good Day To . . . do everything you can to support all facets of your health, including to not be afraid to look in the dark corners (grim death will not be waiting there!) or to consider the less appealing aspects of living in a human body. It’s all for […]

A Good Day To . . . 18 November 2019 — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY

On Being a Minority Religion and Paths to Building Respect

The Druid's Garden

“I’m sorry, I’m unavailable to meet on that day.”

A pause, “well, why is that? This is an important meeting.”

“Because it is a major holiday for me, and I am taking a personal day to celebrate it.”

Another, longer pause.  “Wait, your holiday is Halloween? That’s not a religious holiday.”

“No, my holiday is Samhain, which is a holiday dedicated to my ancestors. Modern Halloween traditions actually derived from this much older holiday.”

Another pause. “Can’t you celebrate it on another day?”

“No.  The timing is critical to the celebration. Would I ask you to meet on Christmas or Easter?”

Another pause. “That’s not the same thing.”

The above interchange is a fairly common interaction fairly typical of my workplace experiences in being a minority religion, a druid, here in the USA. In fact, I had this exchange with someone just last week. Since this kind of thing seems…

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Full E.T. Disclosure Is Coming ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have begun to investigate the possibility that you will be given certain key pieces of information about the existence of extra-terrestrials and which government leaders have known about their existence and kept it from you. We have seen the various timelines in which this type of evidence comes to light that would be unquestionable and from a very credible source, and what we can see is that most of humanity would not find themselves in a state of shock or rage.

Most people would not begin building bunkers for themselves and their families. Most humans who are unaware of the cover-ups would be disappointed and want to point fingers at this, that, or the other political leader, but the existence of extra-terrestrials being made known to all of humanity would not have the effect…

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Now, Beloveds, Now | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

When you see through My eyes, you will see beauty beyond that which you have ever seen or imagined. You would be dazzled, beloveds. At the same time, you would wonder why you didn’t see all this beauty before. You will not understand how you could have passed by what was shining right before you. You will shake your head at the thought of what you could have seen yet did not. You will call yourself a knucklehead. You will shake your head long after you have run out of names to call yourself.

The point is that once you were blind, and now you can see. No matter what, this is cause for rejoicing and not for regret.

Beloveds, you will see beauty left and right. You will see beauty where you did not see beauty before. In darkness, beloveds, you will see beauty as never before…

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Headlines and Updates for November 16, 2019: The Giant is Awake [videos] ~ November 16, 2019

Rose Rambles...

We see the proof of the Great Awakening before us every day, and it
terrifies the control freaks—because they’ve lost it. They are no longer
calling the shots and their control structure is imploding, about to
fall within its own footprint like the buildings they destroyed on 9/11.

They have sufficiently lied their way to oblivion in the legacy media
and America and the rest of the world is flocking to the Internet for
scraps of truth so they can patch together a narrative that makes sense
to them.

Big Tech is flailing their tentacles about, wildly attempting to
stifle the cries of The People on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, social
media platforms, and most assuredly, skewing search results on topics
that truth seekers are interested in exploring.

This weekend is the one year anniversary of the Yellow Vest
Movement/Les Gillets Jaunes in France and the People are issuing a stark

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SerialBrain2 11-6-19… “The Maestro’s Beautiful Chess Combination for the Whistleblower” (highlights) and AndWeKnow VIDEO

Kauilapele's Blog

This is more about the infamous “whistleblower”, and how this whole scenario is leading to the downfall of the deep state actors trying to continue the TC (Trump Coup).

I’m just including the link and a few highlights. I’ve read the article but not yet seen the video, which I’m sure is very illuminating.

The Maestro’s Beautiful Chess Combination for the Whistleblower

“We knew the theory that the Dems were Nazis with Soviet natural reflexes. With Nancy and Shifty’s lies, propaganda, bogus impeachment process and kangaroo court, we now have the confirmation. We knew the C_A wanted the Keys to the Kingdom and infiltrated our political apparatus to circumvent the People’s will and directly govern. The incessant parade of HRC DNA State Department “career diplomats” in Shifty’s impeachment rat hole in Congress confirms it. We knew the Dems, the Mockingbird Fake News and ISIS were secret brothers through the C_A…

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