X22 REPORT, 11.15.19

It’s All Happening, Congress Has Been Economically Warned – Episode 2022a

Trump let everyone know that the stock market has hit another all time high, this makes it 21 times this year. It’s amazing what happens when you introduce the drug into the economy. Farmers have now regained access to China. China deal is very close. Pelosi will use the passing of the USMCA to help the impeachment fail. The Fed sends a warning to congress, or was it Trump that sent the warning.

Playbook Known,Trap Set, Trump Meets With Barr ,Wait For It – Episode 2022b

The [DS] fake impeachment just fell apart. The disgruntled bureaucratic employee was not a witness, she heard nothing, saw nothing and had no information. All of this was exposed to the people. Her testimony also made a case to investigate the activities of Hunter Biden and Joe Biden. Schiff was portrayed badly as he continually shut down the minority committee members. The patriots knew all of this, this has been planned from the beginning and the patriots have been leading the Deep State players down this path, perfectly planned. Q confirms all of this and tells us to prepare for what is coming. Trump meets with Barr, it’s happening.

The Democrats only have disgruntled employees and deep state players aligned with their agenda. There is only propaganda, without facts, evidence, or proof.