Shifting Into A New Energetic Field ~ November 10, 2019

Rose Rambles...

Editor’s Note: Are you in control of your mind? You mind may be in battle with your heart, thus the “battle within yourself”. Who wins? Well, your mind is ruled by your ego full of ideas about “who you should be”, while your heart recognizes “who you really are“.

No worries, for if your mind takes the forefront in your life…you get to play this game of life all over again. But…you will learn your “lessons of life” until you realize your Divinity and the meaning of “IS” in your life. (Far different from the Cinton question about IS for you history bufffs!)

So…buckle up, enjoy the ride of life, learn to value your heart and it’s urgings, and BE…



By Anne

We are moving into the Heart-Center, intuitive reality where we feel into our journey & path.

Lots of bouncing around as we open up to…

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