Poppies Are Not Important and Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself [videos] ~ November 10, 2019

Rose Rambles...

Editor’s Note: Happy Veterans Day…umm, any significance that Veterans Day, remembering war vets, is being held on 11:11, a day of extreme spiritual significance? Anyone but me catch that?

Could it be that unique astrological alignments are focusing our attention of war (bringing that focus to head, so to speak) so that the specter of war can be permanently dismantled and waylaid? The same process may very likely be said about Deep State activities…we shall see what tomorrow brings my friends!

In the meantime, please read below, know our world is about to change in a major kind of way with positive changes, rejoice in this, and BE…



November is about remembering, in more ways than one. Remembrance Day is tomorrow, November 11th. Lest we forget.

What a shock to see colourful Don Cherry and foil Ron McLean still
sporting on the air in the Coach’s Corner after…

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